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About SanaVita

 About SanaVita


Here at SanaVita, we operate on the belief that a healthy life should be available to everyBODY. We help to foster that for our clients by providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where they can retreat from the pressure of everyday life and discover relaxation, stress relief, and peace. Our massage therapy practice focuses on relieving muscle tension, increasing mobility and providing awareness around natural and holistic health. We believe that everyone in our community can realize optimum health and happiness, and we aim to educate, enrich, and energize our clients to care for themselves so they can care for the world. Come experience replenishment of the mind, body and spirit at SanaVita — for everyBODY!

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The Team

Hi, I’m Amanda, a dedicated massage therapist specializing in pain reduction and stress relief. I really love to perform corrective work, focusing my attention on a specific dysfunction and working all affected muscle groups to help alleviate pain and bring movement back into the targeted area. While I enjoy providing massage simply for relaxation, I can also deliver a truly therapeutic massage.
I spent many years seeking more balance and peace in my own personal life, which led me to develop a passion for massage therapy – a field where I could help others who are seeking the same for themselves. So, in 2019, I left my corporate career to pursue my dream of becoming a massage therapist. I excelled in Massage Therapy school and loved learning how muscle groups function and how to treat and alleviate functional pain. I would credit my empathetic nature for helping me to tailor each session to my clients’ specific needs, and to determine which particular technique will help improve their overall wellbeing. It’s clear to me and everyone I’ve worked with that the healing arts are my life’s purpose. 

Overall, I am a creative soul. I spend most of my time cooking and entertaining my friends and family – food and laughter are my love languages. When I’m not cooking alongside my supportive husband (and best friend) Hunter, I can be found drawing, painting, and loving on my two senior kitties Monkey and Luciano Pavarotti.
I can’t wait to begin this incredible journey and meet all of you once the doors of SanaVita officially open!


Hi! I'm Yesbel, a passionate massage therapist who has carefully crafting my skills throughout the years and recently became the co-founder of SanaVita Wellness! In addition to undergoing countless hours of instruction, I've been blessed to train with and work alongside many talented therapists, which has allowed me to expand and sharpen my skill set.
The concept for SanaVita sprouted from my desire to give my local community access to quality and integrative personal wellness care. My philosophy of care extends well beyond the walls of SanaVita, as I specialize in identifying and offering awareness to my clients about their problematic areas and giving recommendations to prolong the benefits of the massage at home. This is accomplished through expansive knowledge of body mechanics, which helps me to discover the root cause of pain and tension. I wholeheartedly believe effective communication and collaboration is key to creating a customized treatment plan for every client.
My approach is intuitive -- I apply pressure slowly, to minimize discomfort and allow the body to enter a state of full relaxation. SanaVita offers a variety of massage techniques, including bodywork to alleviate chronic pain, relief for those repetitive strain injuries, full body holistic approach for muscle soreness and tension, as well as overall stress reduction through rebalancing therapeutic massage.
I'm also a first-generation American. My training as a massage therapist began informally as a young girl, massaging my father’s feet at night when he returned home from working all day at the bodega he owned in Brooklyn, NY. I later cared for my aging grandmother in the same way and eventually a family friend, as well. These experiences planted a seed that would blossom into a full-blown passion in adulthood as I drive my practice with diligence.
I love to embrace my Dominican culture, which adds flavor and flair to everything I do. As for my hobbies, there are far too many to list, but the one that's most important to me is spending time with my family. I can't wait to meet you and welcome you into the SanaVita family!

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